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Energy Upgrades

In2 Energy is an “Accredited business ” under the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme and an “Accredited Certificate Provider” under the Energy Savings Scheme – Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (HEER) method in NSW. We specialise in providing energy efficient products and installation services into homes and business premises across Victoria and NSW.

In2 Energy is helping all customers to maximise energy savings through upgrading their lighting which is government subsidised. 

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LED Lighting upgrades

We supply the new eco friendly lights and install for free in VIC and heavily discounted at $33 in NSW.

Save up to 80% on your lighting costs

Longer running energy efficient bulbs and lower electicity bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

Help to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emmissions

Run A Business?

We offer LED upgrades for commercial properties too. 

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All installations are completed by registered electrical contractors REC and certificate of electrical safety are provided (when required).

We are an Accredited Provider under the Victorian Energy Upgrade program and the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. We are committed to helping Australians improve their energy efficiency and sustainability by upgrading their lighting. 

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